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Ejercicio de inglés. Pon las frases en futuro y condicional

A continuación tenemos una serie de frases de inglés básico en presente. El objetivo de esta actividad es poner las frases en futuro (will) y condicional (would) para practicar cómo se crean estos dos tiempos verbales.


0) I dance very well.
I will dance very well.
I would dance very well.

1) I play soccer on weekends.
2) We study French at school.
3) They eat coffee and bread for breakfast.
4) I like dancing very much.
5) My neighbor is from Germany.
6) Your sister plays voleyball very well.
7) I enjoy studying math.
8) My best friend is Italian.
9) I love eating pizza in the restaurant.
10) I arrive home before 10 o´clock.
11) They work in a factory far from home.
12) Your brother studies downtown on Mondays.
13) He is a straight A student.
14) She plays the guitar as a professional.
15) My dog eats a lot.
16) I drink coffee and I eat pancakes in the morning.
17) You eat rice and beans at luchtime.
18) My parents go to sleep at 9 o'clock everyday.
19) I like to play tennis with you.
20) My friends live near home.
21) Your sister only drives the car on weekends.
22) You can understand French, Spanish and German.
23) I want to study Geography.
24) I have one cat and two dogs at home
25) My cousin lives on Lincoln Street.
26) I want to visit my brother in Miami.
27) I eat banana but I don´t eat yogurt.
28) You live near the school but far from the pharmacy.
29) His grandfather is very old.
30) His friend speaks Chinese and Portuguese.
31) We are very close friends.
32) I want to be a professional football player.
33) Her sister plays the piano and the violin.

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